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WW1 Aero historians

The Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians Inc. is an Australian based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the study of all aspects of World War One aviation. Founded 60 years ago, we are the oldest Society of this type in the world. Membership to the Society is by application.

Since 1962, the Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians has provided a Sydney based forum for World War One aviation enthusiasts. The Society publishes a biannual journal, the '14-'18 Journal and quarterly newsletters.

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2022 Membership

How to Join

Joining the Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians means that you become part of a world wide community that is interested in learning, researching and sharing information on all aspects of WW1 aviation. Membership is open to all, and the benefits we offer our members are second to none.

Joining is easy, we accept payment via our Society Shop or you can download our Membership Application form, and return it by mail, accompanied with a cheque (Australian residents only) or international money order made out in Australian dollars.

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2022 Membership

Members Benefits

Becoming a Society member offers a host of benefits. You will receive our biannual '14-'18 Journal and quarterly Newsletters. Our exclusive members only area will give you access to our entire back catalogue of '14-'18 Journals, our photographic and audio collections and use of the Peter Williams Memorial Library.

As a member of the Society, you will also be invited to Society events, functions, commemorations and trips. You also have the opportunity to contact like minded people, researchers and scale modellers via our membership directory, Facebook page and quarterly meetings.

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Local Heroes

Australian Aces

of the Great War

An "Ace" was a pilot or observer/gunner who acheived 5 or more aerial victories. Meet the 75 Australians who became recipients of that accolade.

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Society Patron

Air Chief Marshal (ret'd)

Mark Binskin, AC

The Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians Inc., is honoured to have Air Chief Marshal (ret'd) Mark Binskin, AC, as our Patron. Air Chief Marshal (ret'd) Binskin is the former Chief of the Australian Defence Force.

ACM Binskin

Courtesy of Navy Daily

Honour Roll

Australian Airmen


Each month we will honour those Australians who served in the air services of the Great War and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Lest We Forget.


Aug-Nov 1916. Air Mechanic Frank Luke Admas. Half Flight AFC
06 Aug 1917. 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Geoffrey WALL. 7 Training Squadron RFC
09 Aug 1917. Flight Sub Lieutenant Keith Ross MUNRO. Naval 10 RNAS
10 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Colin Grant MEUDELL. 43 Squadron RFC
11 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Kenneth Woodfull HOLMES. 22 Squadron RFC
11 Aug 1917. 2nd Lieutenant Oakley Alsop BROWNING. 6 Training Squadron RFC
11 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Alexander WALD. 36 Squadron RAF
11 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Oscar Dudley SHEPHERD. 6 Training Squadron AFC
13 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Robert Alexander DUNN. 8 Training Squadron AFC
14 Aug 1917. Air Mechanic Sidney Bernard LARKIN. 4 Squadron AFC
14 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Cecil Charles LEWIS. 6 Training Squadron RFC
14 Aug 1919. 2nd Lieutenant Henry Stanley MORRIS. RAF
17 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Charles Robert EDSON. 22 Squadron RFC
18 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Harry TAYLOR. 8 Training Squadron AFC
18 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Abbott FERGUSON. 8 Training Squadron AFC
19 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Claude Murray ROSS. 45 Squadron RFC.
19 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Raymond Hinton GROVE. AFC
19 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Louis Paul KREIG. 1 Squadron AFC
19 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Ernest Cecil STOOKE. 1 Squadron AFC
20 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Alfred Stanley HUNT. 59 Squadron RFC
20 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Ernest HANDLEY. RFC
22 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Seawood Peter KEAY. 4 Squadron AFC
23 Aug 1917. Sergeant Cosma Lake RANDELL. 22 Squadron RFC
23 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Claude Roy EBLING. 2 Squadron AFC
24 Aug 1917. Air Mechanic William Douglas SLOANE. 3 Squadron AFC
24 Aug 1917. Lieutenant Francis Cunningham SHAPIRA. 3 Squadron AFC
24 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Sydney Charles FRY. 8 Training Squadron AFC
24 Aug 1918. Cadet Roy Nelson PILLOW. 7 Training Squadron AFC
28 Aug 1918. Cadet Ernest Howard JEFFREYS. 6 Training Squadron AFC
28 Aug 1918. Lieutenant Charles William SCOTT. 5 Training Squadron AFC
28 Aug 1918. 2nd Lieutenant Roy Lytton CUMMINGS. 5 Training Squadron AFC

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Great War Database

The Australian Airmen of the Great War 1914-1918 database consists of over 5600 Australians that served with the air forces of WW1. The Society has made this database freely available to the community.

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2022 Meetings and Events

19th February 2022 Annual General Meeting. Via Zoom. 2PM
28th May 2022 General Meeting. Via Zoom. 1.30PM
20th August 2022 General Meeting. Zoom. 1.30PM
19th November 2022 Annual General Meeting. TBA